Artist Bio

Consumed and moved by the variegated forms in the Art of Makeup and Hair, freelance Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist Renata Doddy has flourished in her element.  She is continually armed with fresh techniques and prolific in professional approach.  “I’m forever grateful for the privilege of meeting and working with incredible clients. These wonderful opportunities to use my artistry internationally, has been pure joy.”   Celebrities .  Covers .  Editorial .  Catalogue .  TV . Film .  Music and Marketing Videos .  Billboards and Live Broadcasts are amongst the performances in her achievements.

In addition, with over 20 years of refinement, Renata has been interchangeable and reflective in the industry not only as a makeup artist and hair stylist, yet other areas of adeptness including public speaker, creative director, casting director, former model, actor, voice over talent, on- air radio personality (jazz formatted station), Miami model agent, wardrobe stylist, photo and fashion show production, all of which has given her a connectivity to the process needed for successful results. One of her marks of creativity as a visionary in the art of makeup, illuminates in her impeccable techniques for “beauty” makeup and the use of camouflage for mild facial deformities.

Renata Doddy firmly believes no matter your age, gender or vocation,  looking brilliantly put together in the style that suits you is achievable.  Facial features, skin tones, hair texture and it’s needs, along with changing environmental conditions, lifestyle and lighting are all primary components to consider.

“Makeup and Hair Artistry reaches beyond the realm of being visual, yet influences our sensibilities, igniting inspiration and change.  It’s an experience of artistic appeal that varies in intensity. This individual excursion is directed by the unveiling of artist perception or perhaps better illustrated as, The Artist Revealed.”